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Nice work Dave you got him! oh wait then again coal has to mined, then shipped and prsoesced. you can play this game all day long. Transmission losses in the grid are huge when calculating the efficiency of electricity generation. The argument that you burn coal to make gas is horrible you burn coal to make coal, and gas to ship coal etc. etc. etc. Pay no attention to the huge batteries that will someday occupy a landfill, for instance. Yes, PV is great, but it takes some pretty rare substances and chemical processes to manufacture not exactly green , not to mention the power is unreliable and unstable. If you are looking to be green make it all using Nuclear! The problem with these industries is nobody looks at the facts they all just react off ill thought out hate for something they don't understand. This is a great informative agrument by Peter. Peter is saying, there are plenty of reasons for electric vehicles just don't tell me it is because you are green.

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